The Benefits Of Being a Polyglot


What is a Polyglot? “A polyglot is defined as someone with a high degree of proficiency in 5 or more languages.” 40% of people in the world are monolingual. They are fluent in only one language and a majority of them are American, Brit, Aussie or Kiwi. They do not see the need to pick up a second language as majority of the world speaks English as their first or second language. Others have the luxury of growing up being effectively bilingual. This group of people (43%) is most noticeable in communities like the Hispanic in the US (English + [...]

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The Language Advantage – How We Stay Relevant In Today’s World


Picking up a new language is not as easy as it sounds. It requires time, patience and tons of practice. Learning a language is not just about knowing how to read, write and speak. A language at it's core, represents a unique culture and identity. As we are approaching the tail end of 2019, let us be reminded of the language learning goals you forgot about way back in 2018. It is all too common for us to form our own prejudice to people who are different from us. We tend to find the way they speak to be "funny" [...]

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6 Reasons to Choose Singapore as a Destination for Studying English


1 - Singapore is a modern and cosmopolitan city full of culture, historical sites, entertainment and great night life. 2 - Singapore people are famously open, friendly and easy going so you will have plenty of opportunity to meet local people and practice your English. 3 - The English spoken in Singapore is very close to British English yet it has its own character and melody. 4 - The city centre is relatively small to easily get around. 5 - Singapore has lots to offer to sports and nature lovers with plenty of sports facilities and parks, as well as lovely [...]

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