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Korean Basic 1

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Course NameKorean Basic 1
Course IDKR1001
Duration8 weeks (1.5 hours x 8 lessons)
Course Fees$298 ***PROMO PRICE*** (Usual Price:$388)

Learn Korean

This Korean language course will focus on the development of basic competency to speak Korean and to write Korean at both formal and informal settings. Each Korean class is structured to help students learn the Korean language in an easy, fun and engaging fashion. Students in the Korean language course will be able to build an excellent foundation for basic conversations in vocabulary and sentence construction through various classroom activities.

Our Korean language course is designed for students that have no prior knowledge of the Korean language. By the end of the course, students will be able speak Korean and write Korean on simple topics related to their daily lives.

What is Included in the Korean class?

This Korean Language Course will include:

  1. Textbooks and a comprehensive syllabus to learn Korean in an easy and digestible fashion;
  2. Workbooks to speak Korean and to write Korean which allows assessments by the Korean language tutor and for feedback on improvements during the Korean class;
  3. The Korean language course are 1.5 Hours each and 8 lessons; and
  4. Recordings of each Korean class to facilitate revision and follow-ups with your Korean teacher.

About Our Korean Language Course

Want to learn Korean? Whether for business or social purposes, our Korean language course will allow you to learn to speak Korean and to learn to write Korean efficiently and effectively.

To learn Korean language can be challenging. With our Korean teachers, to learn Korean could not be easier. Our Korean teachers are university graduates with over 5 years of experience teaching Korean. We have carefully selected the best Korean tutors and teaching materials that will guide you master the Korean language in the shortest amount of time. With our panel of Korean teachers, we deliver a premium syllabus to learn Korean.

With any of our Korean classes, immerse yourself to not just learn the Korean language but also with Korean culture. We will ensure that studying Korean will be fun, enjoyable, and engaging.

With this note we are most grateful to welcome you to our Korean language school as you embark on your journey to learn Korean and to pick up a new foreign language.


* The below dates are tentative dates and is subject to change without prior notice.
All courses are tentative until officially confirmed on the website.
All the lessons are held on a weekly basis unless stated differently.

Korean Basic 1
8 May – 26 Jun 2021 (Every Saturday) – Ms Sunny12.00AM – 1.30PM


No previous study of the language.


One 1.5 hour session per week, for 8 weeks.

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