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Headstart Language is a highly specialised and recognised Thai language school in Singapore. We have a unique focus in making our Thai language classes unique and interactive. Because of our approach to Thai education, our students are able to pick up and learn the Thai language and Thai culture within months. We have a variety of Thai Language teachers that cover all aspects of a student’s journey into Thai language and Thai culture.

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Thai Language Lessons

Thai is the official language of Thailand and it is spoken by over 67 million people globally. Thai is sometimes referred to as Central Thai or Standard Thai. It is estimated that more than 47,000 native Thai speakers live in Singapore.

Photo of Headstart Language Logo

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We are located at 1 Sophia Rd, #05-12A Peace Centre, Singapore 228149

Headstart Language is a top rated Thai language school in Singapore. Headstart Language has delivered Thai language classes to over thousands of students. Incepted in Bangkok for expatriate students, we have over two decades of experience in teaching the Thai language. We conduct Thai language corporate training programs to both private and civil services. Check out our branch in Bangkok: Headstart Academics

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*All lessons will be recorded for students to catchup and refer at their own pace.

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